Cleaning Services by Monapix

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Window Washing

Commonly known as Window Washing, is a professional house-maintenance process of maintaining clean windows, doors and glass surfaces of a dwelling.

More often than not it requires particular skills and as such is performed by experienced professionals..

Number of Windows Inside and Outside Outside only
1-15 $90 $55
16-25 $110 $65
26-35 $150 $85
36-45 $170 $95
46-55 $190 $105
56-65 $210 $115
66-75 $240 $125
76-85 $260 $135
86-100 $290 $145

Manual Cleaning: removal of paint, glue, stickers, tape - extra charge

Chemical Cleaning: removal of hard water, alkali, aluminum screen stains - extra charge

Gutters Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is simple and easy – when you allow professionals to do that for you! Fully insured, our team provides the most affordable gutter cleaning services, removing leaves and debris from clogged gutters and drainpipes of your house.

House Size Price
Up to 2000 sq ft: 1 Story $70-$80
Up to 2000 sq ft: 2 Story $80-$100
Up to 2000 sq ft: 3 Story $100-$120
Over 2000 sq ft - each additional 500 sq ft: $15.00 extra

Flushing Downspouts & Roof Cleaning- extra charge

If you have gutter cover screens - there might be extra charges.

Gutter screening is just $2.00 per foot (materials included!). Gutter cleaning and removal of old screens not included.

Remember: Cleaning gutters without professional training could be dangerous. Don't jeopardize your health or life - let us help you.

Power Washing

Power washing any surface for restoration or painting takes considerable amount of time. Thus it is highly advised to ask for professional help - which we are ready to provide.

As easy and simple as it is, power washing requires very specific set of skills. For instance, Patio wash before painting to remove old paint and mildew takes considerable time and is very energy consuming.

It is difficult to give an estimate over the phone for power washing, that is why we in good faith cannot give estimates.

Man Powerwashing House Siding